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March 17, 2023

Help Me Homeschool supports families who wish to homeschool their young children. In this article, we will discuss the steps you’ll need to get started. 

The first step is to set a schedule. Following a schedule is important, not only for you, but for the child. Consistency and predictability are the keys to success–children need to know what to expect, and a schedule will do this for them.

The next step is to set up a learning space. Whenever possible, always work in the same place–another example of consistency. Your child will start to understand that this is where you sit down to do work, and that requires focus. 

You should have supplies available: markers, paper, paints, building toys, and lots of toys for your child to play with. In the first few years, young children learn through play; this means that while it looks like your child is “just playing,” they are learning

That doesn’t mean that play is all they should do; hands on activities are a great way to introduce topics to young children. Children should not sit down with workbooks in front of them until at least kindergarten–this is not how children learn!  They very quickly get frustrated and lose concentration when presented with workbooks and worksheets. 

This doesn’t mean that there are no lessons–it means that lessons should be fun and engaging! If you are creating the lessons yourself, then think props! Think of ways you can be animated and as entertaining as possible!

Digital Preschool’s Help Me Homeschool goes deep into each of these areas.  As part of the course, you will get a schedule with wall print-outs, set-up examples, supply lists, and more! Click the link to start the course!

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