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Behavioral Coaching

Add on Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders, ADHD, or sleep problems, and it can quickly become extremely overwhelming. The usual parenting advice often doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. But you’re not alone in your desperation. Hope & Strategy are here.

We offer comprehensive sleep & behavioral coaching services backed by over 10 years of teaching & special education experience to help you meet your child where they are and guide them to thrive!

Even in the best of cases, parenting is the hardest job in the world.

Preschool Sleep Independence Training 

If bedtime is a nightmare, wake up to a new beginning. 

Everyone expects sleep deprivation in the newborn stages of parenthood. But when this sleep deprivation extends for years beyond and into the preschool era, it can take a serious physical and emotional toll on both the child and their exhausted parents. 

If this is you, you’re not alone – nightmares, sleep walking, bedtime battles and taking over your bed are unfortunately common scenarios for preschoolers.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 


Your preschooler sleeping through the night In their own bed

Bedtime is not a battle 

Hiring a babysitter and getting a much needed night out – without worry

Your preschooler’s overall behavior improving tenfold with adequate sleep 

4 Week Sleep + Support Package – $597

If this seems like a pipe dream, our Preschool Sleep Independence Training can help.

With this Sleep Independence Training Package, our loving founder Suzy will address the underlying behavioral issues that prevent your child from sleeping through the night in their own bed. Suzy will work with you to tackle these issues head-on and guide you through her proven strategies to get your child to sleep independently – in their own bed! – and provide on-demand support along the way.

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Enjoy a well-rested life you didn’t think was possible!

Thank you for a wonderful preschool experience during a very difficult year. Arianna is doing great in kindergarten and her teacher told me that she tested the highest in her class (and very high) on their initial assessments the first week of school. She was one of a handful of students who knew all 26 letters and sounds at the start of the year and she has since scored 100% on her math and reading assessments. Thank you and Ms. Grace so much for your excellent program!

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Success Stories

My 4 year-old daughter is very high energy and loves to learn. She has been looking forward to going to preschool since she was 3 years old. Two weeks into Digital Preschool and she is loving it and can't get enough. It has far exceeded our expectations! Digital Preschool figured out the perfect formula for combining engaging online class instruction with offline activities that keep my daughter moving and learning. We finish one activity and she keeps asking "what's next?!" 

Happy Parent

Success Stories

Behavioral Coaching
For Parents

Give us an hour. We’ll give you your life back. 

Conventional behavior coaching often falls short of helping children who may have different needs. With the right guidance and support, though, your child will flourish. It just takes a little help from a professional trained in meeting them where they are, and dedicated parents who will do what it takes to help them succeed. If you’ve made it this far, the latter is already true. Let us provide you with the former: the trained professional part! 

How It Works

Fill out A Questionnaire that will address goals and triggers, allowing us to hit the ground running establishing solutions

Schedule your one-on-one hour coaching session 

Bask in the relief of proper structure and the peace and improved behavior it affords

During our one-on-one virtual coaching session, we’ll get acquainted, discuss problem areas that need to be addressed, and get to work strategizing a concrete plan that will help you move forward overcoming your child’s unique challenges. We’ll set goals and lay the foundation for a custom-tailored path to success. You’ll come away from our session armed with notes, knowledge and an actionable plan for how to help your child reach their maximum potential and become more independent.




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